Love it for the money

That last post was my 100th. Aren’t you thrilled.

I had a revelation this morning. I know, everyone seems to have revelations and epiphanies and whatnot… but this one was new for me:

I don’t want to work here anymore.

Now, I’ve often grumbled about my job and some of the people here, but this is different. I don’t know if all the planets were aligned just right or what, but out of the blue this thought just crystallized. It’s not really that I hate my job – I dislike it at times, and other times it’s semi-enjoyable. There’s a few people I could do without, but for the most part they’re decent. I hate driving downtown everyday, there’s no good part to that. Nope, I just don’t want to do it anymore. Maybe it’s a little burn out, maybe it’s the stack of work that got left for me because I took Friday off, maybe it’s because all hell broke loose this morning with one of the servers, or maybe I’ve just finally hit my ‘stupid quota’ and can’t take any more ignorant users. I’d be lying if I said at least some of it didn’t come from being away from a computer, TV, and out of cell service for most of the weekend. I mean really, how easy could it be to face a Monday in a concrete jungle after spending the weekend looking at this?

Evidently I’m about 10 years behind on starting my own bed and breakfast down there, it’s already saturated now I hear. I keep getting emails telling me I could make thousands working from home – maybe I’ll try one of those. Or maybe I’ll just take a few more long weekends someplace nice before the year is up, regain my sanity, and realize that they pay me halfway decent for my level of education and people skills. 🙂 There is the off chance I’ll win $250 million in tomorrow’s megamillions lotto too (those being 5 in 175,711,536) I give myself roughly the same odds of being here in another year.

I have plants

I’m taking bets on how long they last. I’ve already had them for a few weeks.

They’re not dead yet, which is surprising.

Time now for another “Disturbing Trend I’ve Noticed” – Do people even listen to voicemail greetings anymore? How can you leave a message on the wrong person’s voicemail? Especially when it’s not even someone you know! Hoq does this happen? It’s one thing if the greeting is just “Mailbox 555 1212 is not answering” type things, no one really pays attention to those. But most people have a ‘Hi, this is so-and-so, leave me a message’ Do you just glaze over that?

Nevermind me, I’m in a hateful mood this week for some reason. I blame traffic. I should start a business out of my house so I don’t have to commute anywhere. Any ideas?