Greetings from 30k feet
Well, 30,000 give or take a few. I got my seat switched to an exit row – joy!

I like flying commercial on a day like this, you get a nice view of the clouds. Sometimes you’ll pass a little wisp of a cloud and be like “hey, all your buddies are about 27,000 feet below you, what are you doing up here??”

TN has some really tall clouds right now. If I thought about it, I could remember names… but I’m typing with my thumbs, that takes what little brainpower I have.

Hope this picture turns out…

Exit rows rock – you get more leg room, the seat in front of you can’t recline, there’s no armrest by the window (so you get more room), and you can rest easy knowing you won’t be stuck by a kid or a huge person.

That’s all for now.

In ATL now…

What the heck, one more picture – coming into Ft Myers

I love Dremel, I hate Dremel, I love Dremel

It’s all very confusing. Yes, I know, none of this will be interesting. But the three of you that read this don’t come here for humor, literary masterpieces, or entertainment… I gotta give ya something.

Dremel rotary tool has to be in the top 25 inventions of all time. You can do just about anything with them. I’ve used mine to install a camera in my helmet, cut a notch out of a door, sand stuff, cut stuff, grind stuff, drill stuff. Love it.

So anyway, I bought this Dremel Router Table thing. It seemed like a great idea. Well the thing has some serious design flaws. First of all the arm that hold the tool isn’t as sturdy as it probably should be. Second, all the sawdust from the piece you’re working on fall right down into the tool. I don’t think it’d be that hard to have the router bit have a flat disc at the bottom that would help cover the gap. I burnt up 2 Dremels trying to use this stupid thing. Hate it. Don’t buy it.

Dremel gives you a 5 year warranty, but I had no receipt for it (was a gift about 4 years ago) But I decided to send it to them anyway. I sent a little note expressing my extreme dissatisfaction, explaining the flaws I saw in the stupid router table, and telling them what I’d do to fix it (I always have people who know nothing about my job telling me how to do my job, I thought I’d try it once.) It was delivered to their service center Monday morning. Wednesday when I got home from work, there was a brand new one sitting on my front porch. Rock.

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the second one I destroyed – I had bought that one after the first one bit the dust. I just returned it to the store a day later.

In other news… I have a new phone. Well, it’s the same phone, but hopefully this one actually works better.

I hate toner salesmen

I’ve gotten 2 phone calls at work today.  These people are really annoying, they start with “Good afternoon” or “Happy Tuesday” or “How are you today?” … no one starts a conversation like that here!  So the first guy is so-and-so from something-or-other imaging.  He says “I understand you’re the person in charge of your printers and fax machines there?”  I really don’t have time to listen to another toner salesman, so I say “We don’t have any printers or fax machines here” … I thought about telling him the truth – that about 10 minutes before he called I had spent $2,000 on toner, but that would just encourage him to call back later.  After a nice pause he says “Uh, ok thank you goodbye”

That worked well.  In fact, it worked so well I decided to try it on the second telemarketer I heard from today:
“Hi, good afternoon.  I understand you’re the decision maker for your company when it comes to telecommunications?”
“We don’t have telephones here”

My Dream

I had a dream this morning. It was more of a vision, actually. Or a ‘waking dream’ – but I think they call those hallucinations, and that sounds creepy. Anyway, there was this moron in a van on her cell phone. I saw myself slam into the back of her van, snatch the cell phone out of her bloody hands, and stab her in the eye (repeatedly) with the antenna.
I don’t suffer from road rage – I enjoy ever minute of it. I think Tony Stewart and I would get along pretty well.