Don’t Ever Buy Samsung

At the end of December, 2011 I bought a Samsung fridge – RFG237AAWP/XAA – from  A little over a month ago, about 4 and a half weeks actually, it stopped working and I lost a ton of food.  Disappointing for a 6 month old unit, but these things happen I guess.  After the first trip from the repairman, everything seemed ok… but after a few days, everything in the fridge was frozen.  So round 2 of lost food.  They came back and replaced more parts, thinking that would fix it – it didn’t.  They came back again and replaced the same part they had the first time – supposedly with some engineer from Samsung on the phone with the tech confirming that was the problem.  Nope, still nothing.  So each of these repairs took at least two trips for the tech – one to diagnose, another to actually do something with the parts.  Each trip requiring time off work to let them in to do their thing.  Finally, last week I spoke with an “Executive Customer Relations” rep who said they would setup an exchange.  Finally! Or so I thought….

Today, 4 days later, I get an email from them saying that since we bought it online with BestBuy, they could not designate a store to do the exchange, but they’d happily refund the purchase price.  The problem, of course, is that I caught the fridge on sale – it’s about $500 more now.  I’m actually back to the point that I was 2 weeks ago, so completely fed up with them that I was ready to just throw the whole thing out and go buy a new one.  The complete lack of urgency on their part is amazing to me.  The unit just turned 6 months old, and it hasn’t worked for over a month of that.
So I’m shopping… I’m pretty sure I’ll just take the refund, not buy another Samsung, and basically tell everyone who will listen to not buy one.  I don’t usually raise a stink about things, but this has just really tweaked me enough to use every outlet I have to encourage people to stay away from them.  I should have stuck with my old Whirlpool.

“Disappointed” is really the only word i can come up with.  No one really seemed to care, and the amount of time and effort I had to put in to getting this stupid thing fixed has been ridiculous.  And the customer service people weren’t bad, they just weren’t very good.  The amount of phone calls I had to make – and twice I was given a wrong number to call, and once completely hung-up on when they tried to transfer me.

Update 7/20/2012 – I just called to have them process the refund, and she said I need to send the receipt again because it wasn’t on BestBuy letter head.  W.T.F.  Honestly, this would be hilarious if it wasn’t happening to me.  So that will take another two business days.  Then, if I’m lucky, they’ll process the refund which will take 10-15.

Still Kickin

Still here… new job (yes, again) is keeping me busy. I’m still here, just haven’t had the desire to do much with this. Facebook plugs into RT for movie stuff and all my random one-liner thoughts are going on FB or rarely on G+

We’ll see what happens, but I might actually just pack this up. I originally set this site up when I was teaching for students to download assignments and whatnots, then I posted my skydiving stuff on it, then it just turned into random crap. I don’t really even use it for that anymore.