TARP – Cont.

Ok so I have a couple credit cards – Capital One sent me notice on the two I have with them that they are raising my rate.  And not just a little.  One went from 11.9 APR to 17.9, the other went from like 7 to 16.something.  Chase did it too… up to like 17.2.  They all come with a “…. if you do not agree to the new terms call this number” blah blah blah… I called Capital One for one of them saying I didn’t agree, fully expecting someone to come on the line asking what they could do to keep my business.  Nope. Automated number, I put in my account and it said “Thank you, your card will be deactivated on May 15.
Wow…. not even trying eh?  It wouldn’t have taken much to keep me as a customer.  But no.  Whatever.

That’s it for right now.  I do have a story to tell of the house – flooded house.  I have pictures and stuff to go with it, so that will be awhile.  I am eternally grateful for all the friends and family I have that help me with this crap.  My dad has been awesome – I don’t know what I’d do without him.  All my friends… Evan, Bert, Andrew – you guys are the best.  While I’m thanking people, I would like to publicly thank Kelley for making my flower beds look awesome last year and I hope she does it again 😛

It is kinda neat having the friends/family that I have – it doesn’t matter if their dad works at a green house; they’ve happened to install gutters / doors / flooring before; if they have tools and know-how to borrow because they’ve completely remodeled a 100 year old house.  It’s an odd feeling to have to decline an offer of help because you already have too many people.  I’m overwhelmed, indebted, and blessed.
The guys that pick up my recycling think I’m an alcoholic though, because most of my friends/family work for beer.