Are you tired of Blockbuster yet?

I have 17 movies in my queue… and aside from the 3 “Coming Soon” they are ALL “Available now” … how cool is that?

I wonder if I could make movie reviews even shorter…. maybe I’ll do them in 10 words or less from now on. Walking Tall – Eh, it’s The Rock again. Same story, different setting.
The Day After Tomorrow Ok movie, awesome special effects. (The special effects were really the only reason I rented the thing)

Yawn. I left my phone at home today… that sucks.

Does anyone know anything about starting your own company?

Is decaf lighter than regular?

I’m trying to cut back on caffeine a bit. After the years of Mt Dew, tons of coffee, and now Red Bull, I’m worried that it doesn’t even affect me anymore. Today I had a Red Bull, and I’m still on my first cup of coffee. I even mixed the coffee – it’s about half decaf and half regular. I’ll probably have a Dt Coke when I get home. That’s pretty decent for me considering I usually have a Dt Coke on the way to work, then about 5 or 6 big cups though the day, Mt Dew at lunch, and a ton more Dt Coke when I get home. I’ve been doing this all week, and so far no shakes or headaches or anything too drastic. Speaking of coffee, I watched Coffee and Cigarettes a few days ago. Coffee and cigarettes used to be a couple of my favorite things. Many years ago, me and a few of my friends would go out causing trouble; we’d inevitably end up at a 24-hour restaurant. We’d sit for hours drinking pots and pots of coffee and smoking packs and pack of cigarettes. Into the wee hours of the morning, discussing all sorts of odd things… sometimes I think we’d discovered the meaning of life during one of those binges, but after all the nicotine and caffeine wore off we had forgotten everything. It seemed every night was different – some nights were filled with brain puzzles, others turned philosophical, others had me in pain from laughing so hard. So anyway… the movie sucked. It was stupid. It was an endless string of cameos. Ok, so Bill Murray and a few guys from the Wo-Tang clan – that was funny. The rest was just painful to watch. Ok, so Steve Buscemi was funny. The bit with Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan was entertaining too.

In other movie news, Shrek 2 was hilarious. There’s so many references to other movies and hidden jokes… I loved it. Stuck on You was stupid. It had a few laughs, but for the most part it was just stupid. Don’t waste your time on this one. Ring – Finally! A good creepy movie! Not scary like “boo!” or scary like blood and guts all over… this is like The Exorcist scary. Creepy = good.

Have I mentioned how much I like Blockbuster lately? The in-store coupons I get are good for games now too, and they just gave me 2 ‘bonus’ ones. Spiffy. And they’re opening 10 more ‘shipping centers’, and buying more movies. Another cool thing – when the post office scans in the movie you’re returning, Blockbuster sends out the next one – they don’t actually wait for it to get back to them. Sweet… more movies for me. I think I’m suffering from Buffet Syndrome though… I feel like I need to watch the movies and send them back as quick as possible so I can get more. Oh well… winter is here, what else am I gonna do? mmm…. Grand Theft Auto!

Yay! It’s Nov 3rd!

I was instructed to update this, so the first thing you saw wasn’t a pumpkin killing itself. I have to say, it’s better than a life-sized bear statue with painted-on pajamas.

I don’t have a whole lot to say though… I am thrilled the election is over – I don’t even care who wins/won. Living in a ‘battleground state’ has been hell. I hate democracy.

So I went to vote yesterday… stood in line for over an hour, in the rain, just to perform my duty…..
Yes, that’s the line. It wasn’t much fun. They guy in front of me had 3 younger kids. I’m guessing ages 8-10. I thought “Great, antsy kids in line for an hour… this’ll be fun” But then I decided to put my dislike for small beings on hold, because it was actually kind of neat of the dad to bring his kids along to show them how the whole thing works. I overheard him talking to another parent that was walking out with their child – I guess there was supposed to be a place in there for the kids to ‘pretend vote’ but it wasn’t setup yet. The kids were bummed. One said “That’s ok, last time I voted for Al Gore but everyone else voted for George Bush.” (ok, maybe he’s 12 or so if he ‘voted’ 4 years ago) To which the girl quickly responded with “Actually, most people did vote for Gore, but Bush won because of the electoral college.” I really wanted to hug her and say “Do you realize how many adults don’t even know how this process works?!?” Maybe there is hope for the future.
Then some idiot soccer mom brought her 2 year old in slippers (with a 1 year old on her shoulder) and thought it was hilarious that he was running around screaming at the top of his lungs. It’s 7:30am lady! I haven’t had coffee yet! I hate people.

The Big Bounce – Boring. Tried to be plot-twisting, but failed. Was just an over-the-top “who’s conning the con?” movie. Rent Matchstick Men instead.

The Rundown Why did I watch this? I don’t know. He can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag, but I like The Rock. Seann William Scott is hysterical, but comes off as slightly annoying in this movie. It is almost worth the rental to see the Australian (?) bush pilot. ‘Ol Dwayne and Seann just didn’t have a lot going on… stuff blows up, funny stuff happens, everyone lives (or is in parts) happily ever after.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas may be the greatest game (for the PS/2) ever. The map is probably 4 or 5 times the size of Vice City, you can ride bicycles now, there’s twice as many vehicles, the planes actually fly realistically now, and you can finally swim! Yes, no more stupid deaths because you launch a car into the ocean. There’s even 2 player missions.. that should be cool. Oh, and did I mention the skydiving/BASE jumping? How cool is that. And they put thought into it – when you turn (while falling) he actually dips a shoulder to turn. And he tracks – sweeps his arms back and everything. Now if it would just let me do a 270 and swoop the downhill streets 🙂 But seriously, this game is way cool. All the games in the game are even fun – you can play pool, do off track betting, there’s video games… just all sorts of neato stuff. Oh, and there’s ‘turf wars’ now. Remember how annoying it was in Vice City – you could own the entire town, but if you crossed into gang territory they jumped you. Not anymore… take over their turf and you don’t have to worry about it. Cool stuff.