I’m in a mood…

If you haven’t already, you should listen to The Refreshments – With songs about women, drinking, and Mexico – you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for deep, meaningful lyrics … you’ll be sorely disappointed. But the music fits me right now – fun, but unimportant.

I’ve also fallen in Love with Norah Jones’ voice. I’ve only listened to a few songs from her, but planning on listening some more. It also fits me now – calm, internally active, maybe a little down.

Let it Be…Naked is also out. I’m not a huge Beetles fan, but this just sounds really impressive. The way the original was meant to be.

More later…

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One Week

I actually went a whole week without updating this. I’m so very sorry.

However, if you rely on my pathetic little website for some form of entertainment, you need to get a life.

People in general piss me off. One of the things they do that really gets to me is drive. When I start my own country, you’ll have to pass a grueling driver’s test. None of this simple drive-between-the-cones crap. Things to be included in the test:
* Must be able to demonstrate knowledge that the left lane is for passing. Slower traffic, move right.
* Must be able to take a curve or interstate ramp at or above the ‘suggested speed’ – conditions permitting.
* Must be able to make a left turn at a stop light without allowing more than a 1.5 car length gap to open up between them and the person turning left in front of them (may adapt this for even going straight through after the light has turned green)
* Obstacles will be introduced when turning at a light, such as oncoming traffic and pedestrians – you must start your turn before the obstacle is completely free of the intersection by 100 yards.
* When merging, you must accelerate to the posted speed limit by the end of the ramp. If your car cannot accomplish this, you will not be permitted onto the interstates.

I’m working on a list of traffic laws as well. Top of the list is: If you kill a biker with your car, you cannot use any form of transportation other than a bike for the rest of your life – regardless of weather conditions.

I gotta run… I’ll share the rest with you later. Feel free to comment, and add your ideas.

Nextel Blows

Yeah, Nextel blows. There seems to be about 20 different departments you have to talk to, and none know what the other is doing. “No sir, this is Nextel 9, you need to talk to Nextel 8”

Just a very short recap of my terrible experience with them:

Bought a phone off their website, backlight didn’t work, sent it back for an exchange. They sent me a new phone, already activated, and started billing me for two phones (and charged me the $200 for the new phone)

Called, get transferred around/on hold for an hour a few times, finally get it settled “yeah, it takes 6-8 weeks for that credit to show up when the warehouse gets your old phone” … huh? Ok.

A month later, phone gets shut off for non-payment (I had been paying my bill, just not the extra $300 that I was supposed to have been credited at any time)
Call, get transferred to a dozen different people, on hold, another hour and a half of my life wasted. This happens (my phone getting shut off) literally 5 or 6 times, each time I had to do through the same ordeal – transferred to a dozen different people, on hold for an hour, sometimes get transferred to someplace that didn’t exist so I had to start the whole process over again. A few times they said it was turned off because I requested it, a few times they said they didn’t know why, a few times they said it was for non-payment. The best was:
Them: “We can’t credit your account because your account is deactivated”
Me: “Well it’s deactivated because it’s been over 4 months and you still haven’t credited my account from the returned phone and where you guys screwed up and charged me for 2 phones for a month, plus setup fee”
Them: “Well we can’t activate it until the past due balance is paid for – do you have a credit card number?”
Me: “Uhh.. ok, you can’t activated because it’s past due, but it’s past due because you can’t credit the deactivated account”
Them: “Yes”
Me: “Do you realize how stupid that is?”
Them: “Well, that’s just how our system works”

Finally, after 4 or 5 months, I talked to a lady who was actually helpful! She just said “Sure, all I need to do is just make it a (I forget the term she used… Courtesy credit or something like that) and you should be all set.”
I wish I would have talked to her in the first place, instead of the dozens of morons before her. A month later, the returned phone finally showed up in their system.

And then, the speaker and outside LCD screen stopped working. I knew the phone worked, because there’s another speaker built into the phone to give you speakerphone capabilty. I took it to an authorized Nextel service center to get it replaced (P & R Communications) I thought it’d be a quick exchange, but no. The lady that worked there said the phone had gotten wet, and that’s why it wasn’t working – and they couldn’t exchange it because of that. She pointed at the exposed contacts on the bottom of the phone (where you plug in the charger) and said “See that green stuff there? That means it got wet” It was a tiny amount of corrorsion on the contacts – fairly normal for exposed contacts like that. But, she said she’d be happy to sell me a new phone for $300. I ended up finding the top half of the phone on ebay for $50, and replaced it myself.
And that’s the short version….


How do you forget a password you use everyday?! I don’t understand this. Every morning you type in those same few letters/numbers/special characters… perhaps for months at a time even (depending on your network security policy). Then one day… what? That one brain cell that’s holding your password up and dies?? I can understand if you don’t use it for awhile, then you forget, that’s understandable. But when you just used it to log in a few hours ago?!
More on stupid people later….