Crap, rent is due…

Anyone want to give me a job? I’m tired of this one.

Happy Halloween!

No, I didn’t make that – I’m not that creative. I wish I could remember where I got that picture from… the guy had a ton of very creative stuff.

EDIT: Found it! And fixed the archives. I was right, I did use that picture last year. I’m so predictable. Extreme Pumpkins

That’s odd… I thought it was in my archives maybe, from last year (that’s why I actually write stuff here, my memory stinks) but I get redirected… odd… I’ll look into that.

In the mean time:
Touching the Void – Heard people talk about it, decided to watch it. True story of two mountain climbers who get in a little trouble, and the one ends up cutting the other one loose. Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending (and no, I didn’t give anything away that you won’t figure out in the first 5 minutes of the movie)

Bad Boys II – Not as good as the first. Started dragging after awhile – 2.5 hours of Will and Martin is a little too much) Still decent I guess… worth renting if you’re a fan of the first.

Eurotrip – From the makers of Road Trip. Road Trip, I thought, was one of the funniest movies I’d seen in a long time. Eurotrip does ok, but just isn’t as funny. I watched the unrated version (I could have done without the nude beach scene… honestly) so there was a lot of gratuitous nudity, but the laughs just weren’t there. I guess I was hoping for another Road Trip, but was let down. If you’re in the mood for some cheap jokes and boobs, pick it up.

Played Star Wars: Battlefront on the PS2 too. Kinda fun, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. It’s basically just UT but with Star Wars characters.
I am going to go buy the new GTA:San Andreas tonight though. I haven’t even played it, but don’t care. I’m going to trust Rockstar’s legacy of putting out kick-ass games and just buy it. That has burnt me in the past though (Westwood – c’mon, WTF was Tiberian Sun?! And Syndicate Wars?? Uhg… way to take a great name and slam dunk it into the toliet)


Yay! My car doesn’t make that rubbing/grinding noise anymore! It was the wheel hub assembly, and I was going to do it myself, but the weather was crappy and I was lazy… so I paid to have it done. Oh well.

I don’t really have crap else for you to read… sorry. My life isn’t all that exciting. I do have a new flat screen at home, so that’s fun. Oh, and Blockbuster cut the online rental thing down to $17.49/month AND made the coupons good for game rentals as well. Why? Because Netflix dropped theirs to $17.99. The Motley Fool thinks “Netflix and Blockbuster are both morons for engaging in this price-cutting suicide pact.” While that might be true, I’m not complaining – I’m not a shareholder. My only complaint is that only about 1/4 of the movies in my queue are “Available Now” … c’mon guys, buy some more movies! And why do sometimes it takes 2 days to get here, and sometimes it takes a week?

Spider Man 2 – Caught it at the cheap movies. Everyone said how great of a movie it was… I wasn’t terribly impressed. I mean, it was ok and all, but not anything earth-shattering.

Blow Based on the true story of George Jung. George basically started the American cocaine market in the 70s. After seeing the movie, I’d love to find the ‘real’ story and see how much of it was real and how much was made for entertainment. I guess if you’re in the mood for a ‘serious’ movie, this might work for ya. I can’t give it a ‘strong’ rating, but a ‘watch if you’re bored’ rating.

Soul Plane – Didn’t really like it. It had it’s funny parts, but not enough. “Barber Shop” meets “Airplane”. C’mon, when was the last time you saw a good movie with Tom Arnold in it??

8 Mile – I hate to say this, but I thought it was a pretty good movie. I mean, Eminem as an actor?! He actually does a decent job though. I was expecting either something completely cheesey or self-gratifying – it wasn’t either. It’s not exactly based on his life, but I think a lot of events and people from his life were put into it, so that probably helped make his role a little more believable.

That’s it for now I guess… have you seen anything good lately? Let me know… I’m running out of ideas 😀


Wow… I’m posting again! This time, just for movies. I saw Team America last night (sneak preview) Here’s my thoughts on that: If you liked South Park the movie, you’ll like this one. Trey and Matt are at it again with another parody of world politics and action films. If you’re easily offended, stay away. I’m still not sure what their fascination is with durkas.

It’s the usual fart and vomit jokes, but with puppets. They do a great job mocking almost everyone (c’mon, it takes balls to take a shot at Sam Jackson) I guess Sean Penn actually took the time to write them to say “Fuck off”… so… they must have hit a good nerve! “I was in Iraq ya know!”

I’ll warn you now, if you’re an Alec Baldwin fan, you’ll hate this movie. If you hate Alec Baldwin, stay through the credits.

The ‘love scene’ is freakin’ hilarious – I guess they actually ‘toned it down’ to get the “R” rating. So is the song about how much Pearl Harbor sucked (and Ben Affleck) There’s a few bad puns that’ll make you groan, and a couple of Star Wars references (changed just enough to not get sued) and I think a line or to from other movies (I caught one from Armageddon)

I’m not sure I’d pay $9 to see it. It had some good laughs, I’d catch it on video or at the cheap movies. If you’re a big fan though, go see it. Otherwise, you’ll probably get tired of the same gags over and over.

I rented Big Lebowski too. I’ve seen it before, but it was worth a repeat. It’s just a great movie. I might go as the dude for Halloween.

Drum Line was actually pretty decent too. Worth renting it just for the performances, but the story is pretty decent too. One of those good clean family movies.

Dirty Pretty Things I picked this one up because it kept popping up on Blockbusters’ recommendations. And I like Audrey Tautou. Nothing fantastic, but just a good quality, no-frills movie. Might work well as a ‘date movie’ – depending on who your date is. A little love story, a little action, a little drama, a little vengeance, with a few moral struggles thrown in.

The Punisher – Could have been subtitled “Way Better than Hellboy.” A typical action flick – stuff blowing up, revenge, blood & guts, gun play. I never got into the comics, but still liked the movie. Just good mindless entertainment. I like John Travolta as a bad guy too. It takes too long in the beginning – it just moves too slow. I hate it when they take 1/2 the movie to tell 1/4 of the story. Of course, I’m pretty sure they’re setting us up for a sequel.

Basic – It seems like it’d be an action flick, but it’s more of a suspense film with some action scenes. One of the few movies that actually kept me guessing. I’d actually watch it again, now that I know ‘who dunnit’ to catch some things I might have missed. Good choice if you’re in the mood to be confused!

21 Grams – Jury is still out. It was ok I guess. It tried to be great I think, and failed. It was weird for the sake of being weird. I’m not giving anything away here, but it’s non-linear. You’re confused the entire time, up until the last 25 minutes, then you’re thinking “Ok, I know what’s going on, just show me how it ends” but they drag on for another 20 minutes beating you over the head with the full story. Played start to finish, it wouldn’t have been that good of a movie. The fact that they scrambled it up for no apparent reason other than to keep you guessing… just doesn’t quite make up for the story. Don’t get me wrong, I like having to think while watching a movie (seen Memento?) but at least give me a good story or something rewarding behind it.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

So here’s a ton of pictures (my weekend was way too busy to actually write everyting down)

Ok, so this weekend I ended up wandering around on the bike, stumbled across something basically in my own back yard: Picture doesn’t do it justice… it’s a really nice area. And the leaves turning make it even better.

On the way home I actually stopped to take this picture:

The mudde show!!

A parade!


And men on horseback jousting and swordfighting!

I even got to see a smile I haven’t seen before…

It’s a great day to be alive

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m just in a great mood today. It’s a bit of everything I guess. Work still kinda sucks and I don’t like my living situation… but everything else finally seems to not be so bad. And there’s a lot of little things that are going right – my mom is in town visiting, so that’s nice I get to see her. A friend of mine started jumping again this past weekend after being out injured for 10 months. Another friend of mine finally got an awesome job after making some life-changing decisions and being out of work for a couple of months (well, actually close to a year of ‘real’ work)

The weather is nice, chilly but sunny. I finally have a handle on some things I’ve been wrestling with as well. So that’s good. I’ve got some definite plans for the future and some tentative plans for the future – all good things to look forward to. All in all, life isn’t bad. It still isn’t great, but I’m much more optimistic than I’ve been in a long time.

BTW – Bob Zany is freakin’ hilarious. So is “Jackass: The Movie”.

Heh… Blogger’s spell check’s suggestion for “freakin” is “foreskin”… Bob Zany is foreskin hilarious!