So I’ve been busy…

… sue me.

Good news: I got an “A” in every class last quarter. I are smart. More good news is that I have the next month to do whatever the hell I want (after work of course) and not worry about catching up with homework on the weekends. I’ve taken this opportunity to catch up on sleep, TV, internet gossip, movies, and video games.

Sleep: It’s good.

TV: I had a CSI: Las Vegas marathon courtesey of Tivo last week. (By the way, you can get a 40 hour Tivo for $49 after paying for service here — put [email protected] in as the referring email address) The show still holds my attention better than the dozen other knock-offs. But, why did they have to make Brass the guy who shot the other cop? No one really likes the girl on there, it should have been her.

And Las Vegas… seriously, blown off the roof by a gust of wind?! You couldn’t come up with a better way to kill off a character? You’re already moving up the charts on Jump the Shark – maybe the writers were really trying to out do the poisonous envelopes, open elevator shafts, and one-armed doctors being crushed by helicopters. This show was good, mindless entertainment – I think it took the ‘mindless’ too far.

I still catch Survivor every week – I hope Steph wins. Lost still has me guessing. I didn’t watch the first half of the first season, but it hooked me pretty quick midway through. I caught a few episodes of Jailbreak too. I just can’t get into it, and now you have to wait until January to find out what happens. Meh. I think Grey’s Anatomy is either going to get better and be the next ER, or it’s about to tank. How I Met Your Mother is turning out to be a decent show, as is My Name is Earl. They’re fairly hit or miss, much like Family Guy – but when they’re hit, it’s hilarious.

Internet Gossip: Ok, so I don’t have anything really. The only exciting news I have is that Tivo announced they’re going to support “TivoToGo” on your Apple video iPod and Sony PSP – that would be cool.

Movies: War of the Worlds was a huge let down, and not just because of Tom Cruise’s antics. It just wasn’t good, didn’t flow, didn’t make sense in some places, and just generally left me confused as to what Spielberg was thinking. Layer Cake was surprisingly good. And unlike a bunch of other people, I rather like Punch-Drunk Love. Charlie and the Chocolate Factgory wasn’t bad once you got past the creepy Ompah-Loompa. I’m sure there was some others in there, but nothing that stands out at the moment.

Video Games: Call of Duty 2 didn’t seem to live up to the hype. It was ok, but I might have actually enjoyed the first one more. Same with Burnout Revenge – it was ok, but basically just the first one with a few changes and online play (and there’s hardly ever anyone online to play, and the ones that are have whatever super-mega-awesome car unlocked and leave you in the dust.) Gun was really fun. But it’s a “rent, don’t buy” kind of game. I finished the storyline and most of the side missions inside a week of light playing, and there’s zero replay value. Once you get your stats up enough, it’s almost too easy.

So, anyway, it’s 10 ’till 5 on a Friday… time to head home. I might stop by for some Shiner Bock though – did I mention we can get it in this crap-hole state finally? The only decent thing that comes out of Texas, and I finally don’t have to suck-up to morons like ‘Cakes to bring me some.