I’m bored

Anyone hungry? I have like 6 gallons of jumbalaya for myself. I guess I know what I’m eating for the next week. People at the office are going to love me.

Yup… still bored. Have a stupid research project I could probably get started on. Actually, I have about a hundred things I probably should be doing – I just can’t get motivated to do any of them.

In other news…. I was listening to “The Future of Rock and Roll the other day and found a new group that I’ll play to death until I get bored with them: Royksopp. Remind Me and Only This Moment have both been stuck in my head for the last few days. So has Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today.

Here’s a link for all the old-time bbs’ers: bbsmates.com – kill some time playing BRE or LORD or something. Good times.

Meh… I’m going to go find something to do or something.


I managed to at least make this look pretty. One of these days I’ll get around to add the rest of the stuff back in too… the old pictures, movies, and story links – they’re still here somewhere.

Anyone want to buy me a decent digital camera? I wouldn’t mind having one. I’ll trade you for an old universal garage door opener.

Hmmm… now where did I put that adsense code….