More inbox madness

It’s great having a website and all… put stupid crap up for everyone to see. There is a downside to this outlet though – creepy people.

When I broke my leg awhile back, I remember getting a creepy email from someone. I guess there’s people out there with a ‘cast fetish’ – seriously, there’s entire sites devoted to it, I couldn’t make this kind of stuff up if I tried. I’m guessing this one is similar, because the subject is ‘Broken Bones’ which is what it puts in the subject if you click the ’email me’ link from my little pages about how much breaking your leg really sucks. So anyway, here’s the email I got the other day… the headers indicate that it actually came from AOL, but the address at the end of the email was a hotmail address. I don’t think it was spam (hard telling, spammers are odd these days – are you getting the religious spam yet?)

From: address
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 12:15:53 EST
Subject: Broken Bones
To: [email protected]

r u gay ur well fit if u do reply unlikely to- different address

I have a few issues with this –

First of all, how often has randomly propositioning people on the internet worked for you? Personally, I’ve never tried. However, if I were to try, I think I’d go with the odds and maybe try for someone of the opposite sex. My theory there is that there’s a lot more heterosexual people out there, my random email is more likely to end up in their mailbox.

Second, do I look gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or that gay people generally tend to look a certain way… but… ok… we’ve all heard the term ‘gay-dar’ And typically (I know, I’m stereotyping people here) gay people’s gay-dar is a little more high-power. I don’t know… I’m lost.

Lastly, this person saw a picture of me on crutches and wearing stupidly baggy pants and a coat (I’m assuming, since that’s the page they were on when they emailed me) and from that they’ve deduced that I’m “well fit”? Huh.

I realize I’m just lobbing a big, fat, slow pitch to ‘Cakes… call it a sympathy Seppuku.