I’m still alive

It’s been a crazy month, but life is finally settling down… just in time for the holidays.  So this most recent place we moved the office to, it looks like we’re staying here for awhile.  We actually have real chairs and desks now, and most of our ‘stuff’ back.  I’m working out of boxes at the moment, but it’s going surprisingly well.  It’d be going better, of course, if people would listen to me… but what can you do?

Things I’m enjoying this week:

  • My new 50″ HD plasma tv
  • “Good News For People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse
  • “Pearl Jam” by …. uh, Pearl Jam
  • Watching people fail miserably at trying to impress people by doing stuff they know nothing about
  • Job offers (yes, plural)

What is it about this time of year that all the online sites seem to take forever to do anything.  I realize you’re busy, but when you normally process and ship an order in a matter of hours… it makes me a little nervous when you take days.  Christmas might be painful this year… I’ll explain why later.