Massive Flag Over Deland

Hey! Two posts in two days! I have a ton of pictures to share, but I’ll just start with these for now. While I was in Florida, I caught a look at Team Fastrax flying their new American flag. Don’t take any of this as fact, but I heard there’s something like 175lbs holding the bottom of it down, and it’s something like 7000 square feet. Click through to see the pics…

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Hi Again

Well, I guess since I just gave ‘Cakes crap about not updating her website… I should probably do something new with this.

There’s been a decent amount going on, but I’m going to start slow here. A few weeks ago I went to Florida for the week to jump and see my family. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something really cute about flying kids 😀 So here they are, ranging in age from 3.5 to almost 58…

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