I bought some Killian’s today on my way back from Home Depot…. it sounded good after a hard evening of grouting.  The fate on the case and bottles says May0309… so I’m wondering if that’s a ‘born on date’ or a ‘best buy’ date.  And one of the bottle caps was mashed and not sealed right.  I’m bored, so I call the 800 number on the side for “Have any questions?”  (don’t judge me) to clarify and to make sure I shouldn’t drink the non-sealed one (ok, duh, but maybe I’ll get free beer out of it)
I call the number and get the “Thank you for calling.  Our call center is closed….” followed by normal days/hours and what have you.  At the end of the message, I shit you not, it says “… if this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1″  Really??  What… why…who??
The sad thing is, I’m sure someone called one time with alcohol poisoning or something stupid like that so they were forced to put that in there.