My IQ just dropped.

Seriously… I’m tired of dealing with stupid people. Basic computer concepts – it should be a mandatory class for anyone who is planning on interacting with computers in this office. I should bring that up at the next meeting…

“Uh, yeah, I’d like to send everyone here to a remedial computer class at the local community college. They’ll teach them things like: the difference between files and folders; what a ‘left click’ does as opposed to a ‘right click’; how to navigate with Windows Explorer, and what you can do with that instead of trying to open EVERYTHING through Word; and more advanced topics such as definitions of Operating Systems and Applications. I’m sure if there’s time, they’ll cover how to move, copy, rename, and delete files… and the differences between those.”

That’d go over well. People normally enjoy being told they need to go a remedial anything. I think that’s a problem Microsoft has created. “Windows is so easy to use, a 4 year old can use it!” So if you try to tell someone they don’t have basic computer skills that a 4 year old already has, they’re insulted. Not my fault you landed in the shallow end of the gene pool. Really, you’re trying to open an executable file through Word, and you swear this is how you’ve always done it before. You swear you just edited this in Word… no… you didn’t and you never have.

What did these people do when all we had was DOS? “Where’s the ‘Any key’??” How did they ever survive when the copier had a paper jam and didn’t give them step-by-step instructions on a cute little LCD display?

When I start my own company, there’s going to be a basic IQ test required for employment. No drug test – I don’t care if you’re addicted to crack as long as you know the difference between a computer and a monitor, and that turning the monitor off and on does nothing.

Help a brother out….

Click some ads over there, or do a search or something. Please?

The site search function doesn’t work yet…. I’m hoping that just works itself out. And the Adsense stuff doesn’t really seem to give much relevent info on the home page…. if you click through specific posts it does though. Probably something about the way the page is actually built – pretty much, none of the contect is “here” it’s all pulled from blogger’s server or flickr.

Blockbuster is falling behind again – a bunch of movies in my queue are listed as ‘short wait’ or ‘long wait’ I’ve still been watching a ton of movies though. Hopefully they follow in Netflix’s footsteps and let you share your queue and movie ratings.

And I now think that Tivo is one of the greatest inventions ever.

There’s been crap for movies coming out lately, so I actually picked up a few TV series season DVDs. Greg the Bunny for one – I loved that show when it was on Fox. Please bring it back! C’mon, if they can bring back Family Guy, they can bring back Greg the Bunny! Penn & Teller: BS! is on some premium cable channel that I obviously don’t get. It’s like Myth Busters with a lot less science and a lot more cussing. Not something I’d make a point of watching if I had cable, but I’d stop and watch if I was flipping channels and it was on.

Speaking of TV – my ghetto ‘speaker-wire antenna’ does a much better job of getting a good picture in than the $50 amplified antenna I bought the other day. The amplified one can pull in stations from far away that my speaker wire has no chance of, but I get a much better picture for the local stations out of my home-brew antenna. I’m pretty sure using extra speaker wire is actually a step down from using a clothes hanger and foil, but it works rather well.

Watched a ton of movies, and I don’t feel like typing about all of them, so I’ll just list them, and if you really care you can ask my opinion about one (or more) of them:

K-19 – The Widowmaker
Great Escape
Soylent Green
Final Destination

I will say you should watch Saw – it’s one of the better thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. I’m still conflicted about the ended, but the movie as a whole I thought was great. Reminded me a lot of Seven. And Great Escape is a great Sunday afternoon movie. Based on a true story set in World War II. I put it in my queue because I caught something on TV where they went back to the site and were looking for artifacts and the tunnels and whatnot. And really, with James Garner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and more – how can you go wrong!?

I’m also going to write a list of Things Everyone Should Know. It will include items such as:

  • Turn signals were a free option on your car, and bulbs are cheap to replace. Feel free to put some wear on them.
  • When driving on the highway and about to miss your exit, just go to the next exit and turn around. Slamming on your brakes and diving through 3 lanes of traffic to exit is just not a good idea
  • Your gas pedal is not binary – it has an infinite number of states. Feel free to use them as circumstances dictate
  • When waiting on vehicle or pedestrian traffic to make a turn, you do not need to wait until they’ve cleared the intersection by 50 feet to start your turn

We’ll get to more later… TTFN.


Ok, well I guess it was time to change stuff up a little anyway. This isn’t really as clean as I’d like it, but what can you do?

I’ll get the rest of the stuff (pictures, movies, etc) back on as I can… just hang out….