Wives looking for fun

Wives looking for fun

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Thousands of horny wives looking for an adventure

I’m confused by this. Ok, so most spam makes at least some sense – buy your viagra cheap, buy a mini RC cars, free porn… all the mortgage ones I don’t really get – I’m guessing they’re more for validation/harvesting than anything. But “wives looking for fun” ??? This just seems like a bad idea. You’d think you’d get a better response by saying ‘singles looking for fun’ … wouldn’t you? What’s the theory on married ones? Just seems like there’s more possibility for complications or aggravated assault. Someone help me here…

I watch entirely too many movies…

I should put this time to better use. Oh well.

Here’s your odd picture for the day… enjoy!
It’s Winter and I have nothing better to do – I don’t even have cable! I am getting high-speed internet again though. Dial-up was just starting to kill me. And not even good dial-up – I was lucky to get 26.4… bleh. I might actually try an IP phone when I get broadband back in. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve actually had a good run of movies lately…

Hero – This might end up on my ‘buy’ list. The fight scenes are all set in beautiful locations. Pretty amazing stuff. The story didn’t suck either. Can someone find me a good quality screen shot of the fight in the gold forest? Much thanks.

Elf – Good for a giggle. Works well if you’re in the mood for a holiday comedy. Kinda cheesey, but should get a few ‘out loud’ laughs from you.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story – No intellectual comedy here, just people getting hit (repeatedly) in the face and groin with rubber balls… and sometimes wrenches. I couldn’t help it, I laughed at all of it. I could watch Patches say “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge anything” and peg the poor guy with a wrench 100 times and laugh everytime.

Pieces of April – I’m putting this on my “Secret favorites” list. Ok, so it’s not much of a secret if I put it here. But no one reads this anyway, so who cares? A great story-telling movie. No effects, no fabulous locations… I think they shot the whole thing in 16 days. I added it to my Blockbuster queue because it kept coming up in the recommendations. A comedy drama about a dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving? It was only 80 minutes long, so I thought “eh, why not?” I’m glad I did! I don’t get emotional during movies, but this one came pretty close to getting me all misty-eyed. I said close. I give it a strong 2 thumbs up.

Suicide Kings – Who let me miss this movie 7 years ago?!! Christopher Walken, Denis Leary, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jay Mohr… great performances by all of them. Walken and Leary play great gangsters. Ok, so Sean Patrick Flanery not talking with an Irish accent threw me off a little. I’d put this up there with “Usual Suspects” as far as the “what is going on?” factor. It keeps moving and doesn’t disappoint.

I guess that’s about it. Have a good Christmas and send me money.

I’m bored…

… and my life isn’t that exciting, so I’ll just do what I do best – waste time at work writing about crap you care nothing about!

I’ve been pretty busy lately. By ‘busy; I mean ‘watching a lot of movies, reading, and playing games’ I don’t feel like writing everything about all of them… not that anyone reads it anyway.

I watched Pulp Fiction again just for giggles. If you’ve never seen it, I feel sorry for you. I’m assuming everyone already has and I don’t have much to add.

Panic Room – Eh. Take it or leave it. If you’re in the mood for a slightly dull action movie, it’ll work. I didn’t like the way it ended and there was just this nagging “Are you serious??” voice in my head through the whole thing. I mean, c’mon, make up your mind – it’s a room no one can get into or it is. Just the whole thing with the gas and the phone line… uhg…

Bandits – Billy Bob and Bruce play a couple of bank robbers – the ‘sleepover bandits’ It was actually a pretty decent movie. Slightly odd, and a somewhat unconventional love story. But not too bad overall. I’d give it a ‘rent if you want some non-serious entertainment’ rating.

Chronicles of Riddick – Ok, so I was really running out of ideas to put in my Blockbuster queue, cut me some slack. Pitch Black was mildly entertaining, that’s all I was hoping for here. I was let down. And after watching some of the extras on the dvd (yes I was bored) I’m really beginning to think Vin Diesel is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just think maybe he is. Not that I would say that to his face.

Waking Ned Devine – British comedy. Do I need to say anymore? What is it with them and parading naked old men all over the screen. It’s disturbing. Makes me glad we won the revolution.

Love Actually Yes, I watched it, leave me alone. It was actually pretty good… you know… for a love story. Don’t worry guys, it’s not that painful. Pick it up and watch it with your girl – she’s watched tons of shit blow up with you, you can watch people kissing and crap with her.

Terminal – Not bad actually. It’s hard to pull off a movie shot almost entirely in one location (have I ever mentioned how bad Phonebooth sucked??) but Steve does a pretty good job here. It’s one of those movies that will suck you in and make you feel like you’re there. I like when a movie can do that.

Bought Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Boondock Saints too. I don’t often buy movies, but I bought these. That means if you haven’t seen them, you should.

Believe it or not… I think I’m missing one that I watched. Yes, I watch entirely too many movies.

Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas May just be the greatest game for the PS2 ever made. I can’t say the greatest game ever, because everyone know that was Syndicate

Burnout3 – Takedown I rented this one (did I mention I get 2 free rentals a month with Blockbuster? Games or movies. Rock.) mainly because I was in the mood for a racing game, and GameSpot gave it a 9.5. GameSpot doesn’t just throw 9s and 10s around, they have to really like it. GTA:SA got a 9.6, if that gives you any indication. So, I figured it had to be good. It’s decent I guess, it just gets annoying at times. The controls are nice, the cars respond well, the graphics are pretty good, and you actually get points for taking other drivers out! It just seems kinda easy, and there’s not enough racing. It seems like most of the events are “Burning Laps” or “Preview Laps” — which as far as I can tell is the same thing – just a race against the clock, which is annoying. The “crash junction” events are fun – see how much damage you can cause in a big pile-up – but get old after awhile. Some with the races I guess. It’s a good game, I’m just glad I didn’t buy it.

I’m playing Ace Combat 5 now. It’s ok I guess. I’ve been looking for that good balance of flight-sim and story every since Strike Commander – this is as close as I’ve come so far.

You believe I find time to read? I got tired of Everything’s Eventual and even Elegant Universe. So I started reading Angels and Demons – really good stuff! I actually have a hard time putting it down (that’s bad when you read on your lunch break and you’re only supposed to take an hour)

Welp… that’s about it. That killed a good amount of time…