I have plants

I’m taking bets on how long they last. I’ve already had them for a few weeks.

They’re not dead yet, which is surprising.

Time now for another “Disturbing Trend I’ve Noticed” – Do people even listen to voicemail greetings anymore? How can you leave a message on the wrong person’s voicemail? Especially when it’s not even someone you know! Hoq does this happen? It’s one thing if the greeting is just “Mailbox 555 1212 is not answering” type things, no one really pays attention to those. But most people have a ‘Hi, this is so-and-so, leave me a message’ Do you just glaze over that?

Nevermind me, I’m in a hateful mood this week for some reason. I blame traffic. I should start a business out of my house so I don’t have to commute anywhere. Any ideas?

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