Wil Weaton says, “Don’t be a dick”

… and he’s looking at you, Facebook.

Facebook continues its all-out assault on its users’ privacy with the new Places feature, which is (of course) on by default, with no warning. Lifehacker has the lowdown, including how to turn it off. As I’ve said before, if you dig Facebook, I’m not going to give you a hard time about it, but I strongly encourage you to turn this feature off. The world doesn’t need to know where you live, and when you are (and aren’t) home. Also: Fuck you, Facebook, for turning this on by default and not warning your users about it. You’re one of the most profoundly immoral companies in the history of the Internet.

Yeah, reason 424 I’m not on Facebook.

I’m Not Holding My Breath

For some time I keep getting a few search hits a month on “craig mitchell she hates my futon” (I posted about it awhile ago)
Maybe, just maybe he means it this time.  myboot / famousboot 2.0

If you’re completely confused, you can get a jump on it via The Wayback Machine I will warn you though, it’s been almost 10 years with no more chapters.  You’ll be hurt, angry, and randomly Google-ing “She hates my futon” for years to come.

Done Vida

Here’s your gentle reminder to become an organ and tissue donor. It’s easy to do – check your state’s DMV website, many of them even let you sign up online. While you’re there, see if they let you add an emergency contact to your driver information.

Remember – even if you sign up and have the sticker on your license, you still need to make sure your family knows your wishes.

Donate Life


I bought some Killian’s today on my way back from Home Depot…. it sounded good after a hard evening of grouting.  The fate on the case and bottles says May0309… so I’m wondering if that’s a ‘born on date’ or a ‘best buy’ date.  And one of the bottle caps was mashed and not sealed right.  I’m bored, so I call the 800 number on the side for “Have any questions?”  (don’t judge me) to clarify and to make sure I shouldn’t drink the non-sealed one (ok, duh, but maybe I’ll get free beer out of it)
I call the number and get the “Thank you for calling.  Our call center is closed….” followed by normal days/hours and what have you.  At the end of the message, I shit you not, it says “… if this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1″  Really??  What… why…who??
The sad thing is, I’m sure someone called one time with alcohol poisoning or something stupid like that so they were forced to put that in there.