Happy Birthday!

Did you forget my birthday? Don’t feel bad… chances are I missed yours too.

Site of the day – MetaFilter – lots of good stuff there. Easy way to kill a few hours if you’re bored.

Only movie review of the day (can you believe it??) is Bottle Rocket. I had never heard of it, but because I can add stuff to my Blockbuster queue from almost any where in the world, I watched it. “Here are just a few of the key ingredients: dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas, choppers – can you see how incredible this is going to be? – hang gliding, come on!” The Wilson brothers do a fine job, and James Caan delivers a few great lines. Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic) wrote it along with Owen Wilson. It came out in ’96 – same year as Swingers which it reminds me of ever so slightly. What was it about that time? Suicide Kings came out a year later… huh. Anyway, the only real common thread between all of those is friendship. Friends that will do just about anything for each other. I don’t think they had a very big budget, but Bottle Rocket was pretty well done. I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

Does anyone want to give me a job? I’ll do just about anything. Obviously I have no career as a movie critic. I am pretty good when it comes to computers and… uhhh… I guess that’s about it. That sucks. That’s about all I’m good at, and I don’t like manual or repetitive labor. Guess that narrows down my options.

I’m going to go buy a Mt Dew now, because I think it will make me a better person.

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