Happy New Year and stuff!

Getting the movies out of the way first… just because.

City of Lost Children – odd. That’s about all I can say. Those French are some wacky people. It was like a really, really dark Willy Wonka… actually, that might have been the inspiration. Can’t really tell you to watch this unless you’re into strange forgien films.

Jersey Girl – What happened to Kevin Smith? And could someone give Ben some acting lessons? It had its moments I guess, I was just expecting a lot. Watch it if you’re bored I guess, and don’t expect too much.

Hannibal – Disturbing. Coming from me, that’s saying something. Would have been better with Jodie Foster. Good movie, but not if you have a weak stomach. Just trust me on that. I can’t even bring myself to describe the brain scene to you.

Shaun of the Dead – I actually thought it was hilarious. Dark sometimes, yet hilarious. I gave it a 4/5 stars – which is a pretty high rating for me. Those Brits, eh?

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – In contrast, I gave this 1.5 stars. Jack Black punting the dog was the only funny part of this movie. The rest was just… stupid.

Lost in America – The Griswalds meet Easy Rider. This is an older movie (’85 or so) but still pretty funny. Two yuppies ‘drop out’ of society, get a motorhome and set out to wander the country. They don’t get very far. I love his advertising idea for the casino – classic scene!

On an unrelated note, the ‘fridge here in the office smells like something died in it.

I got the PS2 network adapter for Christmas (yay!) and bought myself a USB headset for it, so I’ve been playing SOCOM II a little latley. Pretty decent so far. Rented Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 a few weeks ago. It was decent, but I got bored pretty fast. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game, I’m just not that into skateboarding I guess. Speaking of the PS2 – everyone stay away from Datel products! I bought the Action Replay Max Evo Edition (AR Max for those of you Googling it that way) because I needed more memory for my PS2. For $30 you get the software and stuff and a 16mb USB drive. Well now you’re thinking “Sweet! So you can just keep all your saves on your PC then, right?” Well, yes, assuming they last long enough to get put on the drive. I needed space for SOCOM II (it wants 3mb free for some bloated reason) so I decided to move everything onto the USB drive except for my Grand Theft Auto data. I figured I’d copy that, just to back it up. Well I get all the moving done, and everything on my PS2 memory card just disappeared. I used the Playstation’s memory browser deal, and it showed up as ‘corrupt data’ … bummer. Datel’s answer? Format your memory card. My personal favorite line was “The error you encountered should not regularly occur when using the product.” HAHA! Well I’d hope not! How ever, it does seem to regularly happen – it happened to me the very first time I used the stupid thing, and there’s plenty of other horror stories out there – I found that with a quick Google search.

Yay! I can dial 911 again! I’ll explain later…

So how was your Christmas and New Year’s? Mine was pretty tame… a ton of snow right before Christmas, that kinda sucked. Hmmm… I’m not sure what I did with the picture of the little people… I’ll have to find that. It’s not as good as the bear in pajamas though. Let’s see…. anything else exciting? I’m not the god of “SceneIt?” like I assumed I would be. I’ve been demoted to demi-god status. All this really means is that there are bigger geeks than I out there. 😉 I also discovered I make a mean chicken tortilla soup.

I’m bored… entertain me…

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