Keep sharp objects away from me today….

Last night sucked… didn’t sleep well, which isn’t completely abnormal, just slightly worse than normal. I won’t start there.

Woke up, my house is cold. Really cold. It’s time to move – my landlady sucks and should be forced to live there in the Winter. Get outside, it’s snowed. Great. Mother Nature even hates me. Now my 20 minute drive to work will be 45 because people are morons, and I still have to drop a movie off at Blockbuster. Now, I know they’ve done away with late fees, but I’m not taking any chances. Those people are brutal. Owe them 36 cents for more than a week and they send collections after you. Bastards.

Three block from my house, some idiot decides to stop right in the middle of making a left turn. I mean right in the middle. I almost hit someone. I thought, “I’d like to drag that guy out of his van and beat him with a crow bar. Time to lay off the GTA I think. Oh, the reason he stopped? He was turning onto the entrance ramp to the interstate and noticed it was moving real slow. Listen to the radio, twit. I wanted to make him his own airborne traffic reporter.

Ok.. bad weather.. slow driving, this is normal. I’m ok. Until the only stretch of open road (I’m taking the back way because I listened to the radio) and two morons decide to pace each other. Great. No lights for miles, and these guys both want to do 10 mph under the limit, next to each other. Sigh.

So, a few other idiots and close calls later, I get to the parking garage. Now, I’ve seen some screwed up parking garages – this is not one of them. This one is really simple, and you don’t need to drive it at 1 mph. Of course I get behind the person that does, and has to pause at every floor to look around.

Ok, so we haven’t started out good so far… but, not horrible.

Then it really starts… between people arguing my job with me (you’re a %@$&#^ secretary! Don’t argue my job with me!!) and the people that can’t figure out how to click a checkbox to toggle between color and black and white on a printer… I’m about to snap. And if one more person complains about their cell phone coverage to me, or the ‘on-hold’ music sounding bad, I’m stabbing them in the eye. I’ve got a knot in my back and a kink in my neck, but I’m willing to bet I can still wing a stapler at your head. My red, Swingline stapler even. Yes, I actually have one of those.

Guy night just got cancelled and I just noticed I’m wearing dark green pants, with black shoes, and khaki socks. Perfect.

And I just found out my grandfather isn’t do so well with his health problems. When it rains it pours, eh?

Oh well… I’m still breathing, I’m not worried about where my next meal will come from, and I don’t have any super-serious life problems. I’m not really complaining, just venting some frustration. Crap happens, but being miserable is a choice. I don’t like being miserable, it’s not all that fun. I do like picturing myself beating someone with a baseball bat though. I’ll never be one of those guys that snaps and everyone says “You would have never expected it from him!” 😀

Oh, and if you’re one of those people that puts the body of the email in the subject line, don’t ever email me, I’ll ridicule you to no end.

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