Good Monday

Happy tax day!

Well this weekend was pretty nice – I got a lot accomplished, had some fun, got ahead in my school work, made the World’s Greatest Ribs &trade and even had a few minutes to setup a Fish Cam 🙂 My bike is even (almost) ready to go for the season – just waiting on the battery that should be on my porch today. Just a note – if you decide to change the plugs yourself on a R6, it’ll take much longer than you think it will.

In case anyone is accessing my home Cisco lab – it might be a little goofy for the next few weeks. I do have a Cat 5000 that I’m dropping in, as well as a new 2600 to do trunking. It’ll be on the diagram eventually.

So the “Tax Professionals” are going out after work to celebrate the end of their busy season. I wish I could cram 80% of my job into 3 months, then have a party thrown for it. “Yeah for you! You did your job! We’re all so proud!” Gag. Why don’t they throw me a party for driving 40 miles to click a button for some moron? (No, seriously, I did that last week) Ingrates.

I guess that’s about it… everything is boring here at the moment. But it’s summer, and that always gets a little exciting.

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