Yesterday was good

Yesterday was a spectacular Monday. Ok, so work was bad for a Monday, but after…. after was good. I got home in record time (I was tired, I skipped class) and decided to run some errands. Didn’t have to wait at all to get my haircut, and the guy did it in less than 10 minutes. Went to the grocery, had a ton of stuff, went right to an open cashier who had to be the quickest cashier I have seen in my life. If I decide to open a grocery store, he’s my lead cashier. Seriously, I was the bottleneck – I couldn’t throw stuff on the belt fast enough for him.

My night was even educational – at the gas station I learned that “… you don’t need a million dollars if you’re dating someone with a million dollars!” When I start my own country, talking loud on a cell phone in public will be a serious offense. I may even allow law enforcement to just shoot you if you’re doing that. At least those of us standing in line got a good laugh out of it. Oh, and ordering $20 worth of food at a fast food drive thru will also get you shot. Yes, some lady did that Sunday – and of course had no idea what the entire family wanted when she pulled up to the speaker. But I’m not here to complain about Sunday, Sunday was still decent too – my mother was in town, she came out to the DZ to watch and had a good time.

Maybe sometime this week I’ll get the ‘old’ stuff back up on here. When I rebuilt the whole thing, I never put the links back in to the old stuff… probably time to do that. And I may put up a ‘fish cam’ – I have a small saltwater tank now and a webcam that’s doing nothing. I don’t get searches for ‘balki’ anymore, but now there’s a dozen or so a month looking for casts, broken bones, legs in casts, etc. That just seems odd. And a link to something on here was posted on a car forum, but I have no idea what. And I got hit with guestbook spam… seriously people, what’s the point? You suck.

Ok, back to playing with VMWare and planning a vacation for the summer….

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