Another one of my favorite past-times: riding. I'll probably eventually put some more good stuff up here, but for now, amuse yourself with this, and follow some of the external links on the Motorcycle menu.

Me, Jon, and Boogie get ready to head out

We arrive in Terra Haute (the town that smells like ass)

Ok, I'll give ya the quick story behind our Terra Haute trip. That's Jon's old bike on the right, I think it was an '85 Zook GS850. Well, he bought new bike (In the middle, '99 Honda Shadow) and sold old bike to Jeremey (aka Boogie, J-Boogie, Booger). Jeremey only had his permit, so he stayed around here for about a week and ran around the backroads with it. Jon and I followed him from Dayton to Terre Haute, hung out for about an hour, turned around and came back. That was a long trip. A good 400 miles if you take the interstate. We had to take all back roads on the way there (can't ride on interstate with just permit) but we made pretty good time on the way back. I think we left about 10 am, got home around midnight.