Free PSP

C’mon people.. help me out here… I need more expensive gadgets for free.
Free PSP – most of the offers are crap, but I highly recommend blockbuster online. And there’s two other offers on there that give you free stuff for doing a trial – an MP3 player or a $25 card to Kmart. So, more free stuff. I like free stuff. I was called ‘cheap’ last night – ‘… but in a good way.’ I guess that’s ok. I like fancy, useless gadgets – I just don’t want to pay for them 😀

Here’s a few pictures from Vegas:

One of my favorites – this is east of hoover damn on whatever road that is. There’s literally nothing for 100 miles
desert road

The Insanity Ride I talked about
insanity ride

View from atop Hoover Dam (away from Lake Mead, obviously)
on top of hoover dam
Is it sad that on the road approaching the dam from the west, I said “Dam… this looks just like Grand Theft Auto”

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  1. Val Says:

    I like the pics! 🙂 I want free stuff, too!!!

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