Who’s idea was this??

The high one day: 63F
The high the day after: 32F

Ok, so I broke the 2001 pictures a little. I’ll fix it later. One of these days I’d like to redesign this whole site. If you’re using IE you can do the cute little picture show. If you’re using FireFox (like you should be) you’ll have to click through the show. Deal with it.

I’ve been on a Mt Dew kick lately. I have 4 free songs from Itunes – I don’t even use Itunes. I’m not sure I need 4 free songs. I could just sign up for Napster’s free trial, download a crapload of songs for free. Why should I bother try to read a 10-digit code printed on the underside of a bottle cap? You can’t even read half the letters. I don’t think it’s worth $1 of my time to try either.

Here’s your funny link for today (Google Maps) – notice the search terms…

I went and saw Million Dollar Baby the other day – fantastic movie. Clint still has that knack. And you can’t really go wrong having Morgan Freeman narrating a movie for you – Shawshank anyone? Hey, I just found a nifty trick by accident – ctrl + arrow takes you to the start or end of a word. Handy for when you want to put something in italics with Blogger (ctrl+shift+arrow to highlight, then ctrl + i to put the tags around it) Where was I? Oh, right, movie. Very powerful stuff, well done, award-winning, go see it now, etc.

Make that 5 free songs…

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – The only thing impressive about this movie was that the entire thing was done in a blue room. You can’t really call it a blue screen at that point. I was going to put a link here to NaturalBornViewers.com so you could see someone that actually thought this was one of the greatest movies, and you could laugh at them with me. Instead you’ll just have to pretend. Why? Because every time I go to that stupid site it locks up my browser.

I finally watched The Graduate too. I think it’s just a movie that every one is supposed to have seen. Oh, and Remember the Titans which I really enjoyed. Maybe just slightly less than Friday Night Lights

Oh, and I have a Tivo now as well. Yes, I don’t even have cable, but I now own a Tivo. I’m not sure how I lived without it before. I knew I’d like it, but not this much. And it was only $50 with a $100 rebate – do the math.

Ok, I’m off to see if I can fit my ‘blogroll’ in here somewhere….

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