I have what?

Yup, strep throat. I haven’t had strep throat since I was 14 maybe. I used to get it about once a year as a kid, but that’s been awhile. It hurts and I’m starving/thirsty all the time. God hates me. My wallet is in the left-rear pocket today.

Mercenaries is a bad-ass game though.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle was funnier than I expected. Didn’t realize it was a stoner comedy. And hey, Neil Patrick Harris is in it. We’ll give it a B. Manchurian Candidate was.. uh.. odd. Not really what I expected. D.W. does a good job being a slightly mental Gulf War vet. Something about the movie just really never got going though. C+

And yes, that’s really all I’m writing about those two movies today. I must be sick. I forgot a movie… I do that sometimes. Employee of the Month – I was expected an Office Space type movie. Not even close. It did ok though. Towards the end I got the feeling that they were throwing plot twists at us just for giggles. It’s no Confidence, but a decent movie. B-

Bored? I am. Go to I-am-bored.com

If that doesn’t entertain you, try Gizoogle

I’m going to go gargle warm saltwater now… doesn’t that sound like fun?

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