84 Hours

… and I have power again!  It came on sometime in the last couple hours.  Dad checked in on the house this evening sometime and it still wasn’t on.  I got home from the Reds game an hour or so ago and we’re good!  Dishwasher is running, laundry is going, and I’m about to start roasting coffee.  :D  Boy that was not fun.  I actually ended up ordering a generator today from Amazon.com.  The paper said it could be another week for a lot of places, figured I could be one of those places.  Brilliant move though – there’s none to be had for 100 miles around here, but I got a 4000 watt one shipped in for under $400… 1 day shipping!  Not sure if I should hang onto it or sell it though.  It could come in handy at some time I’m sure.  I doubt I’ll have another stint like this one any time soon… but you never know.

K… off to turn on more stuff 😀

Oh, and I will be disappointed if I ever go to a Reds game and sit in the ‘normal’ seats ever again.  The “Club” seats are frickin awesome.

S out.

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  1. Sigarms Says:

    Eighty four fucking hours! Boo fucking hoo! I’ll drive my horse-drawn carriage up to Vandalia to kick your electricity havin’ ass! Try no power for 240 hours…that’s right 10 days…and oh yeah no water either, since the e-lectricity powers our well pump. Luckily we have pool water to flush the toilets…not to make a big stink out of things.
    About time to go shooting or something eh?

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