This is what a $1,000 repair bill look like:

Oil cap

Yeah… milky “stuff” on the bottom of your oil cap is bad.  Means coolant is in the oil.  Bad.  As I suspected, the culprit is the low intake manifold gasket.  It’s a well know screw up on GM’s part.  Too bad there isn’t a class action against them in the US.  Not that I’d get much back… but still.  I hate to say this – but I will probably not buy another American made car.  That’s all I’ve ever had, and I have yet to have one last me much past 100k miles.  I still think the unions completely screwed up the automobile industry around here, but that’s a rant for another day.  Look up the cost per car that American companies pay just for benefits for their employees.  I’m not saying paying for benefits for your employees is a bad thing… but when you pay like $3,000 for every car that comes off the line compared to < $1,000 that other companies pay… I don’t see how you can compete without cutting corners.

Ok… off to Home Depot… have a couple little projects to do today…

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