I just randomly clicked on a few archive posts, just to see what I was doing 2-3 years ago. I found one talking about (don’t go there – non-clicky for a reason) and I thought “I wonder if that bastard ever finished his ‘She Hates My Futon’ story or if the video of the sheep body-checking itself into a gate is still there” See, this guy (Craig) wrote a chapter of this story every month or two, then just stopped. I’d check on the site a few times a year to see if anything had changed, and it didn’t. Then I seem to remember forums popping up on it or something – somewhere he had said he was starting back in on the story. I go to the site today, and it’s a bunch of Chinese flashing crap and the domain is parked. 🙁 So I google and come up with a link to the something awful forums (link) Craig Mitchell has generated some hate. I feel exactly like that faustus guy (I just don’t feel like registering on there to agree with him) was the website where that guy was writing a book one chapter at a time but he never finished byob. HE NEVER FINISHED!

I had read the whole thing up to when he quit and then years passed with no new chapters and he kept saying he would get to it and I would check the site once or twice a year and then one day it was gone, the entire site gone

I hate him now so very much.

I’m not joking his name was craig something I think and if I ever meet him I’m gonna punch him…. hard… in the nuts.

I think it’s so infuriating because it was such a good read. Well, that and I wanted to know how everything turned out. I’m not sure I’d punch him in the nuts, but I’d at least give him a dirty look. Seriously, I’m not weird on this one.

If anyone runs into a Craig Mitchell, give him a dirty look for me. Yes, just give them all dirty looks – I’ll just assume the right Craig receives one.

7 thoughts on “Myboot

  1. Yeah, I enjoyed that story also, and wondered what ever happened to him. I guess he just hit a brick wall on how to continue it.

  2. I just was remembering my love of this story from at least 7 years ago!
    How does it turn out? So aggrivating to find a dead page on something that you relied on and had good memories of.

    Come on Craig…what’s the end of the story?

  3. Myboot just popped into my head and I did my once in a while search hoping the site had finally been updated. I’m left with the feeling of wanting to call and talk to a long lost friend, only to find out they died years ago.

  4. Ten years! I’ve been checking back to see what happened with MyBoot for an entire decade. Thanks to “J” for the famousboot link.

    One of my favorite things about Futon was convincing a friend to read it, they’d get hooked, and then I’d let them in on the fact that it hasn’t been updated in years… I am a bastard but lemonade doesn’t make itself.

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