Goodbye spam, hello front porch.

“Akismet has caught 100 spam for you since you first installed it.”

Awesome. A week of using Akismet and it caught 100 spam comments. I think 4 or 5 got through that I had to moderate, but I’ll accept that. If you have a WordPress blog, check them out at – takes two minutes to install. I hope Jessica doesn’t install it – it makes me happy that she has a billion-zillion comments to delete everyday.

In home improvement news, click through to see my new front porch…Before – a useless flowerbed that had been choked out by an overgrown bush (previously removed)


Add some comfy chairs and a table, and even cute little 5-year olds will want to sit in the evening sun..

3 thoughts on “Goodbye spam, hello front porch.

  1. Your front porch is ugly and I hate it, much like I hate you.

    Cute kid though.

    I’m going to come visit your house when I go to that conference again next year. I am already stockpiling vandalism supplies.

  2. Nice…..remove a green area and pave it. We can’t have enough concrete in this world.

    Please tell me that little girl is related to you, and that you’re not “enticing” the neighborhood kids again.

    I have extra vandalism supplies if anybody needs them.

  3. Green?! It was brown before, retard… look at the pics.

    And she’s not related or from the ‘hood. I leave the inbreeding to you MI fans.

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