Free iPod! Yay!

A few tips if you’re going to do it:

Don’t be in a hurry. Everything with these people takes forever. If they say “…normally takes 3-5 days” plan on 10-15. I think it was almost 2 months ago I first submitted my account for review/order, that took a week, they put me on hold for what they thought was fraudulent activity, took a week to clear that, they reviewed again, finally placed order. Yes, they review your account. So, don’t try to sign up for multiple offers yourself… And if someone else in your household is going to sign up, have them use their work address or something.
I wasn’t trying real hard, I think it was 8 or 9 months ago I first signed up… if you’re really in a hurry for this free thing, just go buy it.

Get a new email account. Whatever email address you sign up with will start getting spam. Start a new hotmail account or something.

When you send someone the link/email to sign up, tell them to check their junk mail if they didn’t get it. Also, ask them to tell you they’ve signed up and wait for your “ok” to complete an offer. I missed out on 2 people doing something because of whatever reason, it didn’t give me credit for referring them. Have them sign up first, then check your referals to make sure they’re there.

Do offers you’re actually interested in. I can’t say enough good things about the blockbuster online dvd rental, so I’ve been telling people to try that one. The rest… eh… I wouldn’t suggest doing something and trying to remember to cancel it later (and don’t cancel right after signing up, that’s part of their “review for fraudulent activity) If there’s not an offer there that interests you, check back later – they change. Actually, I was planning on doing the Napster trial, but it’s not there anymore. Frown So if there is one there you’re interested in, hop on it. Most of the offers really are free, but some might require you to pay something to join, or if you forget to cancel during the trail they charge you, or you have to buy more stuff later… read the print carefully to figure out exactly what they expect you to do to get credit.

Make sure you allow pop-ups for the site and read exactly what you have to do – there’s one or two that you don’t get credit for the offer if you don’t go beyond the free trial. Most of them it doesn’t matter though. Heck, I even got a $10 gift certificate to with the offer I did!

And in case you didn’t read on the site what you were signing up for, you do need to get 5 other people to do the same thing you just did. It’s not really all that hard – especially with something you might actually want to try like blockbuster online. Some of the other offers seem like a ripoff though. But keep checking back, the offers change from time to time.

If you’re trying for a free iPod, feel free to put your referal link on the comments – I can’t get another iPod. I am however going to start with the Free PSP site now, and give that one a shot. So, if you want to try, click that and sign up, and let me know you did.

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