My IQ just dropped.

Seriously… I’m tired of dealing with stupid people. Basic computer concepts – it should be a mandatory class for anyone who is planning on interacting with computers in this office. I should bring that up at the next meeting…

“Uh, yeah, I’d like to send everyone here to a remedial computer class at the local community college. They’ll teach them things like: the difference between files and folders; what a ‘left click’ does as opposed to a ‘right click’; how to navigate with Windows Explorer, and what you can do with that instead of trying to open EVERYTHING through Word; and more advanced topics such as definitions of Operating Systems and Applications. I’m sure if there’s time, they’ll cover how to move, copy, rename, and delete files… and the differences between those.”

That’d go over well. People normally enjoy being told they need to go a remedial anything. I think that’s a problem Microsoft has created. “Windows is so easy to use, a 4 year old can use it!” So if you try to tell someone they don’t have basic computer skills that a 4 year old already has, they’re insulted. Not my fault you landed in the shallow end of the gene pool. Really, you’re trying to open an executable file through Word, and you swear this is how you’ve always done it before. You swear you just edited this in Word… no… you didn’t and you never have.

What did these people do when all we had was DOS? “Where’s the ‘Any key’??” How did they ever survive when the copier had a paper jam and didn’t give them step-by-step instructions on a cute little LCD display?

When I start my own company, there’s going to be a basic IQ test required for employment. No drug test – I don’t care if you’re addicted to crack as long as you know the difference between a computer and a monitor, and that turning the monitor off and on does nothing.

2 Responses to “My IQ just dropped.”

  1. Deb Says:

    The sad part is that it’s not just the users, it is some of the supposed “techies” as well. Wow…I just look at them and go “do you really know what a computer is?” You have to admit, though, the users can give you a good laugh (sometimes) 🙂

  2. wildblue Says:

    Very true… I should share some of the ‘intern from hell’ stories. 🙂

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