Amazon freaks me out really freaks me out sometimes. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was just released on DVD and I was thinking of buying it (excellent movie, worthy of buying) After I put it in my cart, it shows the “People who bought this also bought…” It listed Lost In Translation (loved it, bought it) Kill Bill 1 & 2 (loved 1, disappointed in 2, bought neither) Big Fish (loved it, might buy it) Mystic River (liked it, not gonna buy it) and 21 Grams (on its way here from Blockbuster) Granted, I see a lot of movies, but that’s just odd. Anyway, what really freaks me out is they keep track of everything I’ve bought from them (I actually forgot I bought a Stephen King book, seeing it in the list reminded me that I have it and have never finished it) and try to make suggestions. Well, they fail. I’ve even tried to remove some of the items so it doesn’t use them. It still fails, terribly.

For those of you that just love me to death and want to buy me something, here’s my Wish List I wonder if it automatically removes things from your wish list if you buy it or someone else buys it for you. Hmmm… something to try! Although, I just spent $200 on speakers for my house and I’m thinking of taking a trip at the end of November, so toys will have to wait…

Value menu movie reviews:
K-Pax – Slightly above average movie. I like Kevin Spacey, and he does a pretty good job here. From 1-10 I give it a 7.
Man Apart – blech. Someone told it was good (they were wrong) I figured it was going to be stupid because Vin Diesel was in it (sorry Mindy) but I tried it anyway. From 1-10 it gets a 4. And it’s only that high because of all the gun play and gratuitous boob shoots.

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