The bleeding edge…

The only downside to my spiffy 18″ Dell (NEC) LCD display is that there’s not enough surface area between the screen and the edge of the case to get a post-it note to stick. It happens, I’ll adjust.

The Borg have finally adapted. People at work finally figured out that when I ricockulously busy I don’t answer my phone. So now they take their time to walk to my office, poke their head in the door and start talking. That’d be fine if I was sitting around with my thumb up my backside, or wasting time blogging or something. Bah. I have 5 new voice mails too… once they finally figure out I check my voice mail about once a week, those people will start walking to my office too. Just doing my part to increase the collective cardiovascular system of the company. I’m such a good person…

Online movie rentals I can understand – I’ve even raved about how great it is/lazy I am here before. Online rental of books on CD is also a pretty cool idea, but I really don’t underand Online handbag renting

BTW – help me get a free iPod – it actually works, it’s not a scam. Netflix and Blockbuster are almost always on there, if you’re going to sign up for one of those anyway. Some of the other offers are stupid. If you can get the infone one, do that – it won’t ever cost you anything and you get $10 to! I will suggest you setup another email account to register with though, you will get spammed after you sign up on that site.

Hellboy – Eh. Couldn’t get into it, wasn’t that impressed.
Man on Fire – Great movie! If you’re in the mood for an action flick, check it out.

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