I hate to look like a cliche…

… but sometimes I can’t help it. I have this fear of being judged by what’s in my shopping cart at the grocery. I think it’s a rational fear – after all, I do it to other people. Last night I went to the store and filled up on frozen lunches, ready-to-make dinners, milk, bread, beer, Mt Dew, coffee, and what ever shampoo happened to be on sale. I decided to forego the frozen pizza – that would have just put me over the top and probably caused someone to stop and remark “Why don’t you just put a sign on your forehead?” Of course, if they stopped they might have noticed the coffee and assumed I had just gotten divorced and my wife left the grinder. Or that I grabbed the whole bean by mistake. In my defense I can and do cook… just not all that often. And when I do, I usually go to the store the day of or the day before to pick up everything I need. Oh well, what can ya do?

Few more to-the-point movie reviews for ya:

Gothika – There I go with Halle Berry again. Pretty good creepy drama kinda thing. Creepy in a Sixth Sense creepy. It’s no Sixth Sense, but it’s still entertaining.

Sling Blade – Some call it a sling blade, I call it a self-serving 135 minutes for Billy Bob. BB, you’re no Dustin Hoffman. If you want to see Billy Bob act like a retarded person for 2 hours (which he does a pretty good job of) then rent it. That’s about all there is to see here… alright then, I reckon I’ll go have some biscuits and mustard now.

Mystic River – Disturbing, sad, depressing… everything you’ve heard is true. Acting was decent, story was decent, directing was ok (hey, I’ll call Billy Bob Thorton a schmuck, but I’m not about to insult Clint… even if he is 80 years old) – it was a well put together movie. Some of the scenes Sean Penn did were just… riveting. I’m actually wanting to read the book on this one. You might want to skip the rest of this if you haven’t seen it yet and are planning to. At one point Kevin Bacon’s character says “… maybe this is all a dream” which is actually possible. I’m not sure if it’s his, Jimmy’s, or Dave’s though. I think Dave’s – I think maybe they all got in the car, and he was the only one that escpaed and has carried all this guilt with him. Ok, maybe not, but it sure seems like a dream – I mean, the 2 childhood friends become polar opposites (cop named Devine & crime boss named Markum) Bacon’s character has a huge black partner named Whitey, Penn’s henchmen are the Savage brothers – the kind of vague/laughable details you have in a dream. Ok, so I’m not saying it was, just that it’s possible. Even at the end the whole “…this is the part you do alone” and “I wasn’t ready” I might watch it again some time or read the book. I would have liked the DVD to have some kind of commentary, that would have been nice.

Ok… so there ya go.

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