My life is rather dull and boring at the moment… not a lot of jumping, not much riding, not much of anything really. Lots of movies… that’s about it. It keeps me entertained, and should make me a killer Trivia Pursuit player… at least when it comes to movies.

Hidalgo – This is the one about the long distance rider, based loosely on a true story. I guess it’s more based on his life. Anyway, I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars on Blockbusters’ site. Perfect ‘date movie’ if you’re looking for one. I actually got sucked into it – it’s pretty rare that a movie does that to me – where you almost forget that you’re watching a movie and you’re yelling at the screen for the bad guys to leave the horse alone.

Starsky and Hutch, Super Troopers, School of Rock – Freakin’ hilarious, pretty funny, eh – respectively. I actually want to see Starsky and Hutch again, I’m sure it’s one of those where you’ll catch more the second time because you won’t be laughing so hard. Super Troopers had me laughing pretty hard through most of it. School of Rock was mildly entertaining – it’s almost painful to watch Jack Black though… he’s just too over-the-top with stuff. You almost want him to stop acting like a complete idiot.

GMail is way cool. I’ll probably end up with a few more invites – let me know if you want one.

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