Well, I’m back at work. Ick.

Had a great time in the sunshine. Missed most of the storms around here from what I hear.

My tips for the USVI:
(Some of these I did, others I wish I would have)
– If possible, make back ups of digital pictures or take a second memory card
– Take more t-shirts than you think you’ll need, and less shoes/socks
– Don’t worry about renting a car on St Thomas. The taxis can get you where you need to go for about the same price if not less. And you don’t have to worry about driving. St Johns is probably a different story.
– Buy your own, good quality snorkel gear to take with you
– Do a day sail. I highly recommend New Horizons
– Unless you really want someone else to do everything for you, pass on the Tropic Tours tours. They’re educational, but you’ll probably have a better time doing it on your own at your own pace.
– Visit St Johns
– Do another day sail.
– Make sure your sandles are comfortable to wear and walk in. You’ll be wearing those or barefoot most of the time.
– If you’re staying there and planning on shopping ‘downtown’ – make sure there’s a cruise ship in town. A lot of the stores don’t bother to open if there aren’t.
– Hit the beaches early in the morning when possible. Once the cruise ships come in, the beaches get crowded

That’s all I can think of for now… I hope to make it back there one of these days

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