Happy Tax Day

Back-firing political ads
Crack me up – I think Bush is convincing me to vote for Kerry…
“Kerry wanted to increase the gas tax because he thought it’d make people drive less”
Ok, well regardless of his reasons, I think that’s a great idea. Increase the gas tax – make people seriously think twice about buying that gas-guzzling SUV. You drive me, you use more gas, you help destroy the environment more than I do, you should pay more in taxes than I do. And how many commercials have I seen with “… he supported increasing 182 times!” They did the same thing with something about how he voted against military spending a billion times. That doesn’t really tell me anything – So maybe it was something he felt strongly about, and it got shot down 181 times, so he supported it until he got it done.

Some random thoughts about taxes and money – poor people actually need finacial advice, but they’re the ones that can’t afford it. Same with taxes – they get sucked into the ‘refund anticipation loan’ scam. And they get stuck in the payday loan cycle too. Maybe we need to have some basic accounting classes in high school.

About 5 weeks from now, I’ll be sitting on a beach with a fruity drink. 5 weeks – entirely too long to wait.

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