More religious spam!!

From the inbox (with relevant header information included)

Received: from by; Wed, 07 Apr 2004 12:40:01 -0300
From: “Tiffany Emerson”
Reply-To: “Tiffany Emerson”

Dont be fooled all pain,suffering,sickness,greed,

meaness comes from saten.

Accept God today.

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Ok, so this didn’t come from someone at “” – that seems to be based in Portland, OR. The first traceable IP address is registered to China Telecom. So I’m getting spam full of typos (saten??) from China?! WTF-O?
It came in plain text, and with no read-receipt requested. So here’s my guess – it’s either trying to validate email addresses by removing ‘bounces’ from the list; there is a dim, misguided soul in China trying to save me from saten, and the eval version of the spam software puts ‘junk’ at the bottom hoping to make you pay for it; or it’s actually Al-Queda trying to overload Carnivore with keywords.

What do you think?

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