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Because I really need more crap in my kitchen

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I need a new coffee maker and I need a new coffee roaster.  This I really don’t need, but it sounds really really good right now


I’m not the only one…

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

My previous post about “my” stimulus package looks like it was on the right track

ITIF finds that investments in America’s digital infrastructure will spur significant job creation in the short run. Specifically, ITIF estimates that spurring an additional investment of $30 billion in America’s IT network infrastructure in 2009 will create approximately 949,000 U.S. jobs.

My Economic Stimulus Plan

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.’
Thomas Jefferson 1802

The government wants to dump billions of dollars into pretty much everything it seems.  From what ‘they’ keep saying, some kind of infrastructure improvement is a good idea.  How about if we overhaul the Internet?  I have no idea how well that would translate into jobs created and whatnot, but it sounds good.  For being the country that ‘created’ the Internet, we’re falling behind the world.  We’re something like 24th in broadband penetration and way behind in bandwidth.  The median broadband speed in the US is about 2 megabits per second.  In Japan it’s 61!  South Korea is 45, France is 17, and even Canada is ahead of the US with 7mbps.
I’m not sure how we fell so far behind.  My guess is that it’s mostly due to lack of competition.  I’m sure there’s some regulations to blame or the FCC… someone smarter than I could probably explain.  I look around my area, and really the only broadband provider is Time Warner – and they suck.  Their service sucks, their prices suck, and they have no reason to improve any of it.  I really wish Verizon would hurry up with their FiOS deployment.  I won’t get it anytime soon, I ‘m sure, but at least it might prompt Time Warner to get nervous and improve something.

So that’s my brilliant and well thought-out idea 😀  Sounds good to me… I’ll even volunteer to be the Internet Czar.  Not as catchy as “Car Czar” but I’m not picky.

Macy’s Parade ‘Rick-Rolled’

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Cartoon Network = win.

I had the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on this morning just for noise and I hear them talk about  the Cartoon Network’s float.  Something about a show about where all the imaginary friends go when they aren’t needed anymore.  The muppets start singing some song and I stop paying attention until the music scratches and all of a sudden Rick Astley starts singing! I couldn’t find a better video, this one just picks up where he starts singing – they don’t show the muppets singing their original song.
YouTube Preview Image

Yes, Cartoon Network just Rick Roll’d the country.   The rest of you can stop doing it now…. it’s done, you can’t top that, don’t try.

Wait…. what?!

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Really?  This is what we’ve come to?  Someone please make it stop.

Amazon Prime

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Amazon Prime is how I got that generator sent overnight and didn’t pay $216 to do 😀  Everything on their site is free 2 day shipping, no minimum, and you can upgrade anything to overnight shipping for $3.99 — pretty sweet deal.  Click the link at the start of this post to get a free 30 day trial (you can set it to NOT subscribe you to it at the end of the 30 days)

84 Hours

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

… and I have power again!  It came on sometime in the last couple hours.  Dad checked in on the house this evening sometime and it still wasn’t on.  I got home from the Reds game an hour or so ago and we’re good!  Dishwasher is running, laundry is going, and I’m about to start roasting coffee.  😀  Boy that was not fun.  I actually ended up ordering a generator today from  The paper said it could be another week for a lot of places, figured I could be one of those places.  Brilliant move though – there’s none to be had for 100 miles around here, but I got a 4000 watt one shipped in for under $400… 1 day shipping!  Not sure if I should hang onto it or sell it though.  It could come in handy at some time I’m sure.  I doubt I’ll have another stint like this one any time soon… but you never know.

K… off to turn on more stuff 😀

Oh, and I will be disappointed if I ever go to a Reds game and sit in the ‘normal’ seats ever again.  The “Club” seats are frickin awesome.

S out.

24 Hours Without Power

Monday, September 15th, 2008

And counting.  Actually about 27 now.  Sucks.  Have a fridge full of food if anyone wants it.

You don’t realize how much you depend on electricity until you don’t have it for an extended amount of time.  I swear, when it comes back on I’m turning on every TV in the house, my computers, Playstation…. might even microwave some water for the helluvit.  Coffee mug with a light bulb in it.

I freaked my neighbor out today – my garage door opener has a battery backup in it.  I left for work and he said “You have power?!?”  Heh.   I don’t have it too bad – taking turns charging stuff with the inverter I have.  Thought about firing up the grill earlier but the chicken I had left in the fridge smelled suspect.  Made it to work about an hour late today – weaving past down trees was fun.  Here’s a flash people – if the stop lights are dark, treat it as a four way stop.  Seriously.  And you don’t get to try to sneak through with the car in front of you.  Work was good though – I was one of the few people who made it in (me?!  a model employee?!  whodathunkit) had a few fires to put out, but my building downtown never lost power over the weekend.  I know I’ve bragged a little about the company I work for, but how cool:  the president sent an email about 11 saying they were closing the office at noon and wouldn’t open until noon tomorrow.  Honestly concerned about people trying to clean up after the storm, take care of kids unexpectedly at home, and worried about the commute people were facing during rush hour with trees down and traffic lights.  Awesome.

Didn’t really take any pictures… just go to your favorite news site and see what the mere remnants of Ike did to the midwest.  You poor Texans.

Have to love a Treo 750, AT&T data plan, and a bluetooth capable laptop.  I’ll probably spend this evening about like the last – back porch, tiki torches, glock, laptop, beer, and treo.  You can take the power out of the house, but you can’t take the geek out of it.

Stay safe out there.

Topiary – for reals, yo

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

I actually used the word ‘topiary’ in proper context yesterday. I was proud of that. And don’t anyone laugh, but I actually have flowers planted in my flower beds now. I got tired of just looking at dirt. If it doesn’t work out (and I don’t have high hopes) I’m out like $30. I actually have “before and after” pictures of one bed that I’ll post one of these days.

So a lot of yard work has been done. I actually had to mow my own yard for the first time in a year or so this weekend. It was a lot more work than I remember. Now granted, the yard was soggy and crappy so it was more difficult than normal… but still. It’s a POS mower that you can’t adjust the push bar on so you have to mow hunched-over the entire time. It only spits the grass out the side so I end up with long rows of cut grass in piles when I’m done. Soooo… I think I’m picking one of these up. I always made fun of people with self-propelled mowers – I apologize for that now. I’m not just getting it because I’m lazy, I’m getting it because the self-propelled one are supposed to last longer. Hopefully this thing can do a better job of mulching the grass too. We’ll see.

This is going to be an expensive year – have too many thing I need/want to buy for the house. I really only have one ‘toy’ on the horizon, and that’s just a new motorcycle helmet. Not much of a toy I guess, but more of an expensive toy accessory.

So other random things – my list of links at the right side of the page now has a ‘Movies’ subcategory when you can actually see the movies I’ve rented via Blockbuster and what’s still in my queue if you’re really that curious. They seem to be broken at the moment… I think Bloglines is screwed up. So here’s My Queue and My Rental History

Other random stuff: Driving to work today I saw a lady stop at a stoplight, open her door, and spit out a mouthful of water and toothpaste. I’m assuming it was toothpaste because it sorta looked like that and she had a toothbrush in her hand. How odd. I wonder what she would have done if she had gotten all green lights on her way to where ever she was going.
Another random funny: Earlier today I ran to the bank to get some cash. On my way out, I happened upon two young ladies with a stroller firmer lodged in the revolving door. I’m not sure how they got it wedged in there in the first place, but it was half-in, half-out, and the door wouldn’t move in either direction. As I got closer, I saw a passerby yank the door hard enough from the outside to actually break it…. I think. the doors can “fold in” on the hub. I’ve seen them do it before, but I’m not entirely sure the purpose – maybe it’s for just such an occasion. I’ve seen them intentionally do it before during fire drills and whatnot. Picture the revolving door turned into two open doors separated by the ‘flaps’ pushed into the middle … so from the top it looks like ( | ) instead of (+) Anyway, back to the story… they’re getting the stoller out as I get closer to the door, so I angle for the normal door next to the revolving door (the one with the big sign on it that says ‘Please Use Revolving Door’) and as I get to it one of the young ladies looks at the door and back to be and says “Excuse me, do you know how we can get this door open? We’re trying to get the stroller through here.” She didn’t really need to say anything, I was heading out the door anyway… I looked at her, looked back at the door, turned the handle and opened it. In her defense, the door only has a handle on the inside (they really want you to use the revolving door) but it’s not like it’s hidden or anything, it just only opens from the inside. So that was my laugh today.

I think GTA IV is working better.  They released some patch for it already and I haven’t had any more problems.  Fun game, go buy it (yes, I own stock in TakeTwo)

Nothing else too exciting at the moment.


Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Ok, so Grand Theft Auto 4 appears to be an awesome game. However, I shouldn’t be the one you ask right now. I played for a few hours the day I got it, the game ended up freezing as I was just walking along so I shut it down. Today I decide to play for awhile more – got through a few more ‘dates’ and quit/saved. Went to start it up awhile ago and it hung on “Loading – First Date” Ummm… ok… let’s ask Google. Found the suggesting to delete saved games and game data… did all that. So basically started all over. It’s worse now. I can drop my cousin off at his place and start in the apartment… I haven’t been able to do more than that. It’s frozen probably 4 times in the last hour at least. Grrrr. Doesn’t matter if I’m walking or driving or what. I’m annoyed.

Guess I’m back to War Hawk or Rock Band until they fix this. Speaking of Rock Band, Zero showed up on the store today. There goes another $1.99 …. Rock.

UPDATE:  Seems the trick is to disable the internet connection on the PS3 – then GTA plays just fine.  Kinda puts a crimp in the multiplayer part of the game.
Remember when game devs didn’t have the luxury of built in hards and internet connected consoles?  They actually had to get the game right the first time.  Now it’s “get it out now, patch it later”